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Grow.In is established in the mid-1990s and is one of the pioneers in the field of cocopeat production for horticulture purposes. At that time we started with research programs with universities in The Netherlands and started up production facilities in India. Because of the enormous growth of our products we have various production plants in India nowadays. As we strive for the best quality we still have collaborations with universities in the field of research.

At this moment Grow.In is one of the leading companies worldwide in cocopeat business. With 3 production sites in Asia and over 300 employees we are assured of a consistent flow of new materials for our end products. Our aim is to control the whole chain from production to end customer. This means our quality department is watching over for instance the production, research, control, sales and transport of the products in order to establish a constant high quality level.

Because of this policy we are able to produce products with more value for the high tech growers. Currently we sell our products to more than 80 countries.
The headquarters of Grow.In is situated in South West India directly between our coconut plantations. Besides our office our own laboratories are located in this area as well. This to assure the highest quality during production.

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