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Keeps you growing.

Grow.in ensures optimal growth of your crop. That is why we only supply the best quality cocopeat for the best price. As a producer of coco pith and coco chips, we can guarantee that quality ourselves.

We have been developing and producing coco substrate for the cultivation of plants and flowers for almost thirty years. We do this at three production locations in Asia, with a head office in the middle of coco plantations.

Together with 1000 colleagues, our laboratories and collaboration with universities, we ensure that our sustainable coco substrates not only contribute to a better world, but also to a better yield. Our customers in 80 countries benefit from this.

This is how Grow.in keeps you growing: with the best cocopeat for the best price.

Why grow.in coco?

Ideal substrate

Cocopeat is a stable, durable and practical raw material for growing plants. Thanks to the structure of coco, it can retain or drain moisture well and where necessary. Coco is a proven substrate for the successful cultivation of all kinds of crops: vegetables, flowers, soft fruit and many types of plants.

Chemically neutral

Our products are 100% of organic origin and may or may not be processed (or “buffered”) with calcium according a special process. This has been drawn up by the Dutch Potting Soils Regulation (Regeling Handelspotgronden – RHP) and is intensively monitored. This is necessary to make the coco chemically neutral. The ‘washed’ briquettes are therefore not buffered, which you compensate by adding extra Calcium (and less Potassium) at the start of the cultivation.

Optimal growth

The roots of plants in the airy coco soil receive a lot of oxygen. Our products are deliberately not fertilized, so that you can use your own recipes for optimal and undisturbed growth of your plants.

Environmentally friendly and handy

The product consists of 100% coco from the husk of coconuts, which means that the production has no impact on the environment. Compared to other growing media, compressed coco is very interesting economically and ergonomically, because it can be transported in compressed form. Add some water and the compressed blocks swell and become 5x larger. A block of only 4.5 kg (10 Lbs) becomes no less than 50-60 liters!

After cultivation, coco has added value as a soil improver or can be used in other crops.

Coco structure

All Grow.in products are made from 100% cocos. This natural product is obtained from the coco shell. Fibers are removed from the husks and during this process the coco is sieved and stored for at least five months to stabilize the material. If the stabilization has been approved by our quality department, the material can be treated after which it is dried and pressed or packed in bags.

Due to the structure of coco, it can absorb a lot of water quickly. This water is readily available to the crop. Another advantage for coco is the high percentage of air. Coco makes your crop shine!

Blocks buffered

Cocopeat fine

Cocopeat medium

Coarse coco chips

Briquettes ‘washed’

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‘Ready to use’

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