coco coarse potting soil RHP

For an air content of more than 40%, choose coco chips; small chunks of the coco husks. After adding 16 liters of water and fertilizers you have about 50 liters of coco chips substrate. coco coarse potting soil RHP

Coco chips are chunks of the husks of 5-15 mm and give you a coarser structure with an air content of more than 40%. 4.4 kg (9.7 Lbs) block for about 50 ltr loose chips. These coconut chips are also used as ground cover in the garden. Feed immediately after planting.

Also watch cocopeat fine RHP

4.5 kg (10 Lbs) for about 60 ltr cocopeat medium RHP

4.5 kg (10 Lbs) block for approx. 55 ltr cocopeat 50 ltr RHP

Ready to use, lightweight cocopeat 10 ltr briquette ‘washed’

5 briquettes in a carrying bag coco grow pot 8L ‘washed’

Easy for growers with a hobby greenhouse