coco grow pot 8L “washed”

This coco product has been especially developed for the larger hobby growers. The coco is a selected grade of cocopeat packed in a thick foil “pot”. Unfold, add about 3 liters of water and fertilizers (extra Calcium) and your cocopeat is ready! It is recommended to fluff the bag to loosen the coco.

These blocks are (unlike the 4.5 kg (10 Lbs) blocks) not treated with Calcium and can therefore be regarded as “BIO”. This offers you options to do the entire nutrition at your own discretion and possibly “organic”. coco grow pot 8L “washed”

The grow pot is made up of the finer parts of the husks, coco pith with an air content of around 25%. Feed immediately after planting.

Also watch cocopeat fine RHP

4.5 kg (10 Lbs) block for about 60 ltr cocopeat medium RHP

4.5 kg (10 Lbs) block for approx. 55 ltr coco coarse potting soil RHP

4.4 kg (9.7 Lbs) block for about 50 ltr cocopeat 50 ltr RHP

Ready to use, lightweight cocopeat 10 ltr briquette ‘washed’

5 briquettes in a carrying bag